Tänavu on meil paraku ikaldus.


like a tortured soul
I walk on my path
not knowing my goal
lest knowing my past

long gone is my hope
no signs of return
so give me a rope
or see how I burn

nothing is left
I'm all empty now
discover the theft
and please tell me how

I came to be like this

how I came to be like this


Requiem [17.11.04]

"Woe is unto me," I cry
No one listens, no one hears
Marked as Lonely One I die
For the world that sheds no tears

I have suffered, I have paid
I have loved and lied and killed
Horrid memories won't fade
So my eyes with tears are filled

Tried to give my best, I did
Only it was just too little
Oh, close sooner, coffin lid
Stop the flowing tears so bitter

Queen of Sorrow was my name
Known throughout the land and sea
Now I'm gone, I lost the game
And none of you would weep for me

Heartless people, selfish beings
It is you that caused my fall
Love each other, show your feelings
Shed your share of tears - that's all